Digest It Colon Cleanse Ingredients

Digest it colon cleanse is a natural colon cleansing treatment used by millions to overcome their colon problems. Though colon cleansing is its primary function, it also helps in losing weight and many have benefited from it.

Digest it ingredients are natural, most of them are medicinal herbs. Check out the list of Digestit colon cleanse ingredients below:

Cascara Sagrada Bark

It is a mild laxative which stimulates muscle contraction in the intestinal tract to facilitate normal bowel movement.

Chinese Rhubarb Root

It is a strong laxative, an extremely useful intestine cleaner. Additionally, it removes decaying fecal matter and congested mucous.

Bentonite Clay

It is a mild laxative that absorbs water to form a gel. It removes toxins, heavy metals, chemicals and the bad bacteria from the gut.

Slippery Elm (Ulmus rubra)

It detoxifies the digestive system by calming stomach, intestines and mucus membranes. It does so by stimulating nerve endings of the stomach and intestine paving way for secretion of mucous fluids.


Senna leaf triggers contraction of the intestinal muscles and thus helps in proper bowel movement. It also encourages fluid secretion by the colon which makes stool soft enough to move out.


It removes harmful organisms and cleanses the intestinal tract due to its secretion-stimulating properties. It also helps in the regulation of the digestive system.

Flax seeds

It is one of the most useful Digestit colon cleanse ingredients. The high fiber content is good for the digestive system.

Black seeds

With a high concentration of dietary fiber, it promotes bowel health. It assists other ingredients in removing toxins from the body.

Aloe vera

It cleanses the digestive system and improves digestion. It reduces the amount of bad bacteria in the gut and removes intestinal worms too.

Other Digest-it ingredients

Olive leaf extract

It kills or inactivates pathogens and does this without posing harm to the good gut bacteria. It also regulates bowel movements.

Thyme Oil Powder

It has antiseptic properties and kills microbes. It cures stomach disorders and diarrhea without harming the intestinal flora

Garlic extract 15:1

It is a stomach purifier and promotes good bacteria in the intestine. It boosts the immune system and helps prevent colon cancer.

Certified Organic Cloves

They flush toxins out of the intestines, regulate intestinal muscle function and promotes normal bowel movement.