9 Tips To Improve Digestion – [An Infographic]

Sluggish digestion is a common problem today. 7 Out of 10 people are going through the same problem, This poor digestion results in constipation, gas, an upset tummy or diarrhea. The digestive system basically breaks down food into its forms like glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids. Your small intestine absorbs these into your blood stream. from and carried to various parts of your body.

So, if you are struggling with poor digestion, having regular meals, chewing your food properly can help immensely. Practice meditation, yoga and follow Ayurvedic guidelines for better digestion. Take the time to understand your body’s quirks when it comes to your health and follow these 9 simple tips given in this infographic to Improve digestion:

A good food is a key to a healthy body. Including the regular healthy meals, there are some Best Colon Cleansing Foods to make your tummy happy!

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